Sunday, September 14, 2014

What's New This Week...

Math... Last week we finished up our current math focus.  Your child should be able to figure out the missing number in a number bond.  We took a couple extra days this week to review and the majority of the students are ready to move on.  We will be working on addition word problems. Students will be expected to use a variety of strategies to solve addition word problems.  They will learn to draw diagrams and use the number bonds we have worked so hard on to solve problems.  They will continue to do sprints and dashes to work on fluency.  I have had a number of parents ask me how they can help their child really "get" the concept of the number bond.  The best way to do that is to help them build their fact fluency.  If they are quick with their addition and subtraction facts to ten, number bonds will be no problem.  Please be looking for information on to come home soon (hopefully Monday).  Just like your child is expected to read regularly at home, s/he should also be practicing his/her math facts on a daily basis.

Fundations:  We will be moving on from unit 1 in Fundations.  If your child is still struggling with letter formation, s/he will be receiving homework to practice at home.  It is the expecation that students are forming their letters correctly and facing the right direction at this point in first grade.  While reversals are developmental, they still need to be corrected and practiced.

Reading:  I will begin Guided Reading Groups with students this week and Power Hour interventions will also begin this week.  If your child is receiving a Power Hour intervention, you will receive a note home with the name of the intervention.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Writing:  We will continue to discuss finding topics to write about and then move on to Narrative writing.
Friday we will be celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day!  More information to come!

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