Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Unfortunately, I was out yesterday with a sick kiddo so I did not get to see the leprechaun traps before the sneaky leprechaun came into our room looking for gold.  This morning when I arrived,  it was a DISASTER!
Don't worry though, the students were not too sad about the mess, the leprechaun left gold coins on all of the leprechaun traps and threw rolos all over our classroom!  He also put confetti and glitter EVERYWHERE!!  The sneakly little fellow also got into our paint supply and had green feet prints all over the place.  He must have been running around like crazy in here. It took a while, but we got the classroom cleaned up and back to normal.   Hopefully we have better luck catching him next year. 

We have started our shared research project.  This is a project that will be done in school with the help and support from myself and the para's that work in my classroom.  We are researching and writing about the state of Illinois.  The kids are working really hard on them and I can't wait to share them with you soon.  The reason we are researching Illinois, is because we are part of a post card exchange where we will be sending a postcard to 49 states and they will be sending us one.  So far we have received 6 post cards.  We can't wait to check the mail every day and learn about all the different states!

We can't wait for our map to fill up!