Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Globe Trot Scott Visits Sweden!

Today Globe Trot Scott sent us a package from Sweden.  We listened to the book The Tomten and learned all about Swedish traditions.  We talked about St. Lucia Day, which is on December 13th.  Scott said he had a lot of fun dressing in a white robe and wearing candles on he head.  Families in Sweden do this to help them remember St. Lucia.  Another tradition they have is to eat buttery buns topped with yummy raisins.  Tomten the Christmas gnomes travels around and delivers presents just like Santa.  Kids leave him porridge.  I think I would prefer the cookies!  After we learned about Sweden, the kids made a Tomten out of toilet paper rolls.  They had a lot of fun and did a fantastic job following directions.

Reminder...Our Christmas Party is tomorrow afternoon at 2:15. 
A special announcement from Mrs. Laue:  Friday will be Polar Express Day!  Send your child to school in his/her pajamas!

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