Thursday, December 12, 2013

Exciting Day in First Grade!

We have had such an exciting day today!  We started out the morning learning that we had WON a contest in Successmaker!  Every once in a while Mrs. Holub has contests in the lab.  This month the contest was to see which class could get the highest average of problems correct in three sessions.  We finished in FIRST PLACE!  Which means we get to have some fun in Successmaker after Christmas break and we get a certificate to hang outside our classroom.

We were already super excited about winning in Succesmaker, so going to Santa's Workshop to shop for our family was just icing on the cake.
 Who's excited to shop???
Shortly after we got back from shopping, we got another package from Globe Trot Scott.  This time he visited England.  They celebrate a lot like us in England.  They hang Christmas lights, decorate evergreen trees, and send Christmas cards just like us.  In the USA, Santa Claus delivers presents to good little boys and girls.  England is just a little bit different.  Father Christmas delivers gifts in a red and green robe.  We are having so much fun learning about other countries. 
When we finished learning about England, we made Christmas cards to deliver to staff members in our building.  The kids worked so hard on them and did such a nice job. As if this wasn't enough excitement to last us a lifetime, they also got to have a party in Library.  They earned it by having great Library manners.

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