Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This is one of my favorite times of year to be a teacher!  I LOVE Dr. Seuss' awesome books and the messages that the books give students.  We read the books and love the rhymes, but a lot of times we address the deeper meanings in the stories also.  This morning we read The Sneetches and talked about bullying and excluding people because of the way they look.  One of the students, who was feeling extra perceptive today called Sylvester McMonkey McBean a 'scam artist'.  So we talked a little bit about what a scam is. I must say, I giggled a little bit when that was yelled out!  After reading the story the students went through our star on machine and they got stars upon thars.  Each student's had a star on their belly with a math fact.  They had to find their Sneetch family by finding 4 other people who's sum equaled the same as theirs!  They had a lot of fun playing.  We then went through the star off machine and took the stars off our bellies!
They were being very good listeners!

 Mrs. Carlson was in charge of getting stars upon thars.

Ooooh, nice star!!

Check out these good looking Sneetch families!

After our math fun, we came back to the class and had some time to just sit and read some Dr. Seuss books.  Some kids chose to read independently and some chose to read with a buddy! 

We will continue to have more fun with Dr. Seuss this week and next week!

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