Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Great First Day!

We had a great first day together!  

Here are some of our first day pictures!  Please send in your sign off sheet for your child's picture to appear on here if you have not yet done so!  I will add student's first day pic, as soon as I get the sign off form. :)

We talked about self-control today.  Mrs. Laue blew bubbles and all the kids went CRAZY popping them.  Then I challenged them to use self-control and not pop the bubbles.  I was AMAZED, not one child popped the bubbles.  They showed great self-control.  We also read the story Can't Wait Willow.  We talked about how she did not use self-control at the beginning of the story, but she learned her lesson when she missed the circus.  The next day Willow tried again, and she used self-control.  We went over a plan for when we come into situations where we have lots of choices.  
3rd....What could happen?
4th...Is that what you want to happen?

We went through some scenarios and role played in the classroom.  We will continue to talk about self-control this week in class. 

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