Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tablet Fun!

I have been bringing in my tablet and letting children use it to read books and they seem to be enjoying it WAY more than I thought!  I am looking for some more educational apps to let the students use when they finish their classroom work early.  I have an android tablet, but I have access to IPADs through the school.  If you know of any great educational apps, please share! 

Raz-Kids is a great app and we use Raz-kids in our classroom frequently.  If you do not have a tablet available, you can still get to Raz-kids on the Internet.  The webpage is  Our classroom user name is laue1 and every kid is on there with books at their level.  If fluency is a concern for your child, their books may seem "easy".  Rest assured, I will give them the next level as soon as their reading becomes more fluent. 

Right now our class has a project listed on Donor's Choose to get a tablet to call our own, that will always be in our classroom.  Consider donating, or sharing on your Facebook/Twitter pages.  From now until September 8th any donation made will be matched dollar for dollar with the code INSPIRE.  Click on the picture below to be taken to our classroom project!

Give to Public Schools in Need! - Go to

Next week in math we are going to begin our measurement unit.  I am really excited, as I have found quite a few great hands-on activities for the students to complete to help them meet our standards.  We will also continue to practice our addition facts through five and number formation. 

In Fundations, we will continue to review letters and letter sounds.  On Friday, students will take our first Fundations Test.  We will talk about test taking on Thursday and hopefully calm their nerves a little bit, as they always seem to get so worried when they hear the word test!

Thank you so much for sharing your children with me!  I have really enjoyed our first couple weeks together and I am looking forward to seeing what great things the remainder of the school year brings!  I hope you are all enjoying your extended weekend with them.

Mrs. Laue

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