Thursday, September 5, 2013

Great News!

I have great news!  Our classroom's project on Donor's Choose was completely funded last night!  Which means that our classroom will have our very own (we don't have to share) Samsung tablet very soon!
I can't wait!
In other news, I am feeling a bit like a broken record, but this is very important.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send a note or call when you, or someone else, is going to pick up your child.  If you do not send a note or call, it is IMPERATIVE that you sign your child out with Mrs. Steinborn.  If you do not sign them out, and we are unable to get a hold of you on the phone after 15 minutes we call the police and we start searching for your child.  This has happened more times than it should have.  Every time we have called, someone just forgot to let us know their child was a pick up.

Click here for a copy of this weeks newsletter!   

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