Thursday, May 23, 2013

Congratulations Mrs. Durand!

Congratulations to Mrs. Durand for being nominated and winning 97zok's Teacher of the Week award.  Mrs. Durand is our schools Music Teacher and she is excellent at what she does!  I can't think of a more deserving teacher!  Mrs. Durand was surprised by Ali and 97zok yesterday afternoon.  Ali and her family nominated Tammy for this honor.  Ali was very excited to give Mrs. Durand her flowers.
Mrs. Durand does a lot for our school and for her students.  The concerts our students at PES do are phenomenal!  The students also love getting to perform around the community, something they wouldn't be able to do without Mrs. Durand's hard work getting them set up and ready to go!  Way to Go Mrs. Durand!  Our class is so proud of you!
Mrs. Durand was also able to have her sons here for the surprise!

Some quotes from students in my class this morning:

Mrs. Durand is the best because she teaches us GREAT songs! - Lucas
Mrs. Durand won because she sings really nice! - Josh G.
She is the nicest music teacher I have EVER even met! - Addsion
She teaches us how to sing for our concert very well! - Leanne

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