Thursday, October 6, 2016

October's Here!

Can you believe that October is already here???
We have been super busy in kindergarten and have been working hard and having fun!

 Seriously, how cute are these two!?!?!  The rest of our shipment came in from the grants that we received for our classroom.  We got six more stools today and bouncy bands to go on 8 chairs.  The students were too cute as we opened them all.  Every thing I pulled out got firework worthy oooh's and aaah's.  Never in all my years of teaching have kids been so excited to sit down and do work!  I even got a few groans when I said it was time to clean up!!!  

We have been busy in kindergarten this week learning about decomposing numbers.  The students are really doing well at breaking about numbers and using their "math talk" to tell about what they did.  We will continue to work on that, as well as number formation, next week.  

We took a week to review the letters we have already learned, and really focused on letter formation this week.  It is super important that they are following the correct path of motion when they are making their letters, along with appropriate line usage.  This is a skill that we will continue to work on throughout the entire school year.  Please use the sheet that came home in this week's communicator to help them with the letters in there name first.  Once they have those mastered, they should practice the other letters as well.  You may see them come home with their name written multiple times on the back of their paper.  When I see they didn't write their name correctly, and they have a couple extra minutes, I tell them to practice on the back of their paper. 

We are also working on print concepts right now.  Today we focused on the difference between a letter, word and sentence.  I printed and cut apart letters, words, and sentences and then threw them under the parachute.  The kids took turns running under the parachute, getting a game piece and then sorting it into the correct pile.  They were really good at telling which was which, but we are working on being able to say why.  By the end, they were really good at remembering that sentences begin with a capital letter, end with a punctuation mark and have spaces between the words.  We will continue to work on print concepts over the next couple of weeks.  

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