Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Investigations

We had so much fun today in first grade!  We did a science experiment this afternoon.  We investigated pumpkins.  We had three of them, two of them were large and one was fairly small.  We described the outside of the pumpkin, estimated how many lines were on it and how many seeds were inside it and then we gutted the pumpkin.  After we gutted the pumpkin the students drew pictures of how Ms. Kylea and I should carve the pumpkins and when they went to gym, we carved away.  When they returned from gym we counted the seeds that were in each pumpkin.  The largest pumpkin had the most seeds, but not by much.  In total we had over 1,300 seeds.  It was fun to see how the different groups counted the seeds.  My group put them in rows of ten, Ms. Kylea's group counted by ones, and Mrs. Sommerio's group counted by twos.

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