Monday, April 7, 2014

A Few Friendly Reminders:

Tomorrow we will be walking across the street to perform our concert songs at the church.  Please make sure that your student is wearing appropriate(no sweats) clothes and shoes for this occasion.

Yo-Yo's -  We will be selling yo-yo's all week.  There are three different yo-yo's your student can purchase.
The NED - $8
The Boomerang - $11
The Cosmic Spin 2 - $16
Replacement Strings - $4
Yo-Yo holster - $4

If your child is purchasing a yo-yo and you are unable to locate the order form please make sure you have clearly labeled with the money what s/he is purchasing and I will fill out an order form for them.  We also have some fourth graders that were trained to correctly fit the yo-yo string to your child's height.

Ducks - Thank you to those who have donated to the duck fund, we are still a little bit short.  We will be accepting donations until Friday, as we will hopefully be placing the order on Monday.

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